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Our Commitment


We believe one of the best ways to develop a realistic and healthy image of your body is to focus on what your body can do—not what it looks like. Our design goal, with a focus on wellbeing, is to help you look good as a result of feeling great through body acceptance and doing more of what matters most. By bringing together the Triple Fs: smart fabric, fit, and function, we reimagine women's clothing to adapt to the changing nature of women's bodies and multiple roles.


You have a right to know what's behind your purchase. That's why, for each of our products, we strive to share as much detail as possible about our processes, people, suppliers, and material origins. We believe in creating a chain of responsibility and community, not just a transparent supply chain.


Whatever promises of "sustainable fashion" you hear, reducing, rewearing, and rethinking the meaning of why we make and buy our clothes is the only sure-fire way to actually reduce the footprint of the clothing industry. This mindful philosophy is embedded in everything we do. Beyond saying no to a constantly changing collection model, we also say no to photoshopping our models while working with 'fewer, better' partners, materials, and marketing campaigns that bring more meaningful value to you and our community.

Fewer, better, more meaningful

As multifaceted as you
Move through the world with ease
When less is so much more