A smarter wardrobe.
A simpler life.

We craft the most life-enhancing designs that help women simplify and thrive.

why we made mpact
women deserve better.

Over the past century, women have taken on so many new roles in society, yet functionality in womenswear remains a rare thing. Isn't it a shocking reality that despite 100 billion garments made a year, we still struggle to find clothes with adequate pockets that can carry our daily necessities without ripping after a few wears?

Mpact exists to change that.

Our mission is to help women lead a simpler, fuller life while breaking fashion's wasteful cycle. For the mindful women who want more time for what matters most, we create a smart system of transformable classics that take the stress out of dressing.

a permanent collection.

We challenge the status quo by creating a new business model that breaks the cycle of constantly changing collections.

We invest in one single permanent collection by transforming one classic at a time into an uncompromising piece that brings together the best function, form and feeling.

We envision a transformable, transeasonal wardrobe that you can count on for years to come.

fewer, better, more meaningful.

Ever wonder why you often feel like you have nothing to wear? That feeling is by design. Women's clothes are not designed to make our lives easier.

That's why our design shifts away from how you should look, but how you feel better in your own skin and experience your day better with ease.

Through adjustable fit, multiple functions, and transformable form, we make your clothes adapt to changes in your body and daily activities.

A word from our founder
by women, for women.

"I have been a frustrated shopper for most of my life: when things I received looked nothing like on the web, when my dresses didn't have a pocket, when my energy got drained due to my clothes' restrictive fit, when I felt less of myself for seeing flawless beauty featured in the magazines, when I bought an expensive coat then saw its price slashed in half a few days later, etc.. I guess you've been there too.

I founded Mpact to design the frustrations out of women's lives. I hope you join me in celebrating femininity in the form of our imperfections, in connecting with other women behind your clothes, and in dressing well by doing good."

- Kara Nguyen