Welcome to less, but better.


How many times have you blamed your body for not fitting in some standard-size clothes? 

It's not you. Clothing sizes are broken.

A staggering 100 billion items of clothing are produced each year, yet so many of us struggle with finding clothes that properly fit, stressing ourselves day in day out with "I have nothing to wear" problem.

Mpact (Mindful Impact) exists to elevate women's self-empowerment through custom-made, innovative designs while disrupting fashion's waste crisis. 


Bespoke Craftsmanship


We adopt a holistic less-but-better approach across every single step along the way - from planning, designing, producing to pricing, packaging and promoting.

Do you know that 2/3 of all clothing made globally every year ends up in landfill within 12 months; and excessive consumption doesn't just hurt our planet but also has a negative impact on our mental wellness and performance? 

Created "by women, for women", from the ground up, Mpact has deviated from unsustainable norms: scrapping the entire concept of fast-changing collections,  we design and develop only one style solution at a time. By focusing on innovation and craftsmanship,  each creation strives for holistic excellence of functionality, quality, integrity and individuality.

We are proud to introduce the trailblazing concept of dressing: transformable capsule wardrobe.   



“60-80% of the product impact on sustainability lies in the choices made at design and development stage". 

Designing for longevity and body inclusivity is our source of innovation. In order for you to enjoy a sustainable relationship with your outfits, we make our designs timeless, yet transformable; beautiful, yet comfortable.

Beyond just usual fitting, we proudly pioneer in adding field testing (including numerous washing and full-day active wearing) into our thorough development process. 


When we talk about conscious consumptions, that starts with us, the maker. We source fabrics with clearly-defined criteria including durability, cross-product reusability and advanced technical features that better serve the multiple-role life of today's women. To reduce fabric waste, we test our fabrics thoroughly to cherry-pick the most versatile materials that can be used to redesign and reuse across different categories. Less is more.

With our original in-house prints, we use digital printing which uses less water and ink, making it a more sustainable option than other printing methods. 


Ethical fashion

Not many brands actually produce their clothes, but we do. 

Our ethical production is done in-house and to combat waste - the biggest problem in fashion, we only produce on-demand.



Do you know traditional retail price is over 6x the landed cost of a garment?

At Mpact, we strip away all the superficial non-essentials: from unsustainable cycles of micro-seasons, wasteful mass-production to plastic luxury-looking packaging.

By creating original designs and wardrobe staples, selling directly to you, producing on-demand, removing chains of stores and costly inventories, we're able to keep our markup at around 3x and avoid sales, pricing our essentials right - all year round.

We believe in intrinsic pricing that better reflects the craftsmanship, intellectual creativity and resources that go into the product.